Among the three main world manufacturers of ball bearing cables, <br />  Flexball is a worldwide qualified supplier of primary train <br /> constructors, brake system makers and train service companies. Flexball provides a wide range of electronic pedals for trucks,<br /> 
 light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, defense vehicles, moving<br /> 
 cranes and wherever is required the acceleration of an electronic engine The production of control levers and cables for agriculture machineries is our core business since 1970 Our expertise allows us to engineer and manufacture remote controls for special applications and tailor made solutions, even in case of small batch productions Since 1970 focused on mechanical controls for marine engines, mainly<br />
 in heavy-duty applications, our most recent production of mechatronic<br />
 and fully electronic controls gives us a clear vision of the future Have a look at the high number of controls for construction equipment: mechanical, electronic, in standard version or customized


Global Manufacturing Facilities

Since 2003 member of WRControls Group, with production facilities in Europe and Asia, Flexball Italiana is a global company with customers worldwide and leader in the design and manufacturing of remote control systems for the industrial sector and for several other fields.

Thanks to our technical competence with more than 50 years experience and one of the widest range of controls, we can provide customized solutions to maximize the performance of your vehicles.



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13-15 November 2018 - RAI Amsterdam

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